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Association of Manufactured Home Owners
Dedicated to promoting, representing, preserving, and enhancing the rights and interests of manufactured home owners in the state of Washington.

About Factory Built Owners of America
We are a member-driven nonprofit organization representing the common interests of owners and prospective owners of manufactured homes.

Factory Built Owners of America’s goal is to address the diverse needs of manufactured home owners and to help manufactured home owners protect their investment. We are here to help you with your factory built home needs!

The mission of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association is to promote, represent, preserve, and enhance the rights and interests of manufactured home-owners throughout the United States.

NMHOA is governed by people like you, who own homes in manufactured home communities. We understand the precarious nature of owning a home on someone else’s land and the value of solidarity in protecting our rights, whether in an individual community or in uniting homeowners from across the country.

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