There has been a recent increase in reports about after dark suspicious activities in our park causing safety concerns for residents.

Here are some recommendations to increase safety around our homes:

1. Keep doors and windows secure by locking and even using bars in window tracks to prevent sideway movements.

2. Turn on all outside lights from dark until dawn; LED lights provide clear light and are pennies to keep on instead of incandescent lights and helps light up around your home if you live on the opposite side of the street from the street lighting.

3. The Guidelines for reporting an event per Clark County Regional Emergency Services:

A. Call 911 for a threat to life, threat to property/property damage and general assistance

B. Call 311 for non-emergency issues.

C. Do not hang up if you call 911

D. If you are unsure of how serious an incident is, do not hesitate to call 911.

4. Get to know your neighbors and let’s watch out for each other.

5. Let neighbors know if you are going to be away so they aware and report if you are not at home.

    Please continue to share information and observations with the Cascade Park Resident Association; officers are.

    President: David Leathers 503-863-1336
    Vice President: Linda Huettl 701-578-4898
    Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Shepherd 503-484-4168

    You can also use our Resident’s Report Form

    If there is a landlord issue with your lot, trees, water, common areas, etc. please Call Deer Point Meadows Investments at 360-253-5603

    More on using 911 or 311

    2 thoughts on “SAFETY BULLETIN

    • Claudette #113

      I’m a bit surprised that the fire in the west field was not featured on this website. I have so many emails I couldn’t find this website so I’m glad you passed out the flyer. I had sent Peggy the information and she posted it. She has since decided not to post those kinds of things. So I was hoping and that it would show up here. I was able to talk to the captain at fire department 10. Please contact me if you want more information. Thank you

    • Hi Claudette,
      Thank you for your comment. I didn’t feature that fire for two reasons–maybe its just one. This website is not set up for quick action or “breaking news” type stories. It works better for reference or stories with a bit of lead time–like Bobby’s concerts. 🙂
      If you write up a paragraph or even just a couple sentences about what we can do to protect ourselves in the future or other action to be taken, I will be happy to create an article about it. Including a photograph or video would be great.
      Michael, Webmaster


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