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NEW: Office of Manufactured Housing Programs

Today, June 23, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Housing is announcing that it has created a new Office of Manufactured Housing Programs as an independent office.

This action acknowledges the important role of manufactured housing in meeting the nation’s affordable housing needs. Manufactured housing has figured prominently in efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing and can be a helpful avenue for those of more modest means to achieve the wealth-building potential of homeownership.

Throughout the last two years, HUD’s Office of Manufactured Housing Programs has worked to facilitate widespread changes that will support long-term growth in the availability and acceptance of manufactured homes. Through its combined fourth and fifth set of standards proposed rule published in July 2022, HUD is proposing to bring the HUD Code in line with more recent manufactured housing industry standards, including:

  • allowing materials that facilitate modern design approaches and improve quality;
  • allowing certain ridge roof designs;
  • adding provisions for multifamily manufactured homes of up to three units;
  • and others.

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