Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Dear Resident of Cascade Park Estates:

The executive officers and board of directors (collectively the “Board”) of Cascade Park Estates Residents’ Association (“Association”) is attempting to update our list of contact information for each unit to include current information.
In an effort to protect personal information, this updated list will not be available to all residents of the park but will only be distributed to the Board. The plan is to assign each set of mailboxes to one of the members of the Board. The member assigned to your area will contact you to ensure we have updated information to reach you regarding matters such as water outages and other park emergencies, or just to check to see if there is any way we can help as a neighbor.

You may prefer to receive this information by email, text message, telephone call or maybe even via a relative. Because we don’t have information for some units, it makes it extremely difficult to make this program work for all of us. Please know that we are not trying to invade your lives or privacy, but merely need to have a way to contact our neighbors, when necessary.

We do have a list of residents who are willing and ready to help with rides to doctors, the grocery store, or any other matter that may come up in which you need a helping hand. If you find a need for some assistance, please contact your assigned Board member. He or she has already tried to contact you and left their contact information.

If you have not yet provided the information you wish to share for this endeavor, please use the email address below or leave a comment below (it will not be shared publicly).

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please let us know.


The Board

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