First Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of open public meeting of all residents of Cascade Park Estates

Location:  Cascade Park Public Library meeting room                        June 26, 2023

Attendance:  58 names registered; 49 spaces represented

                                (Approximately 70 + seats occupied)

Meeting called to order at 6 P.M. by David Leathers, Space 127

In his welcoming remarks David introduced the other members of the organizing committee:

                Linda Huettl, Space 94                 Michael & Karin Shepherd, Space 134

                Janet & Chuck Mauldin, Space 148           Steven Tsang, Space 96

David then reviewed the last few months of organizing committee discussions centered around communication and security within the park as well as ways we can help each other, including social events.  He emphasized the group did not want a traditional HOA enforcing rules, rather a combined voice to address common problems that we all had with our neighborhood.

David then opened the meeting to comments from the floor.

Many people commented on issues with the front gate:

  1.  The code has not been changed in years and too many non-residents know it. Though in at least one case of emergency the sheriff’s dept. did not.
  2. Many people would like the security camera at the gate reactivated,
  3. And the electronic directory made functional.
  4. If this was done, the gate could be closed around the clock, greatly increasing security.

Alternatives for the rear gate were also discussed.

David commented about on-going legislation regarding limits on rent increases and that this group should support such.

Many comments were made about the city’s changes to park access.  Including misrepresentations over many years that lead to a situation that is now unsafe and untenable.

There was brief mention made of money left over from previous HOA dues and that currently no dues are expected.

Many people expressed concern about speeding cars in the park and what could be done about it.  One person questioned the park rule about only 2 cars in a space driveway.

Many people agreed there should be signs to aid guests and delivery people in finding space numbers. Also that it would be desirable to have a recreation center such as the former park office.

Several comments were made about various dealings with park management.  One was concerned that our group actions could be irritating enough to the park owners that they would sell or close the park.  This was judged highly unlikely.  It was pointed out that the association’s goals include improved working relationships with park management.

There was much additional discussion about park security including one recently observed instance of daytime “casing” as well as instances of solicitation by contractors.  Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening in our neighborhood.

Finally the issue of fire safety was raised about the grass field between the park and 164th/162nd and the need for additional weed-whacking after it is mowed.

David then proceeded to nominate a slate of officers and asked for additional volunteers.  The following slate was approved unanimously by a show of hands.

President:  David Leathers            Vice President:  Linda Huettl      Secretary/Treasurer:  Michael Shepherd

Directors:  Janet Mauldin, Cheryl Good, Elaine Meyers, Margaret Fedje

Michael then read and discussed the three goals listed in the proposed By-Laws and David called for a vote and the goals and accompanying by-laws were approved unanimously by a show of hands.

During the meeting those not receiving the newsletter were told that giving us their email address would have it added to the mailing list.  The newsletter also appears in the association web site. There were comments about how to inform those who don’t use email.

The association web site was mentioned as a source of information, including these minutes and By-Laws:

Meeting adjourned about 7:10 P.M.

Submitted by Michael Shepherd, Secretary/Treasurer

Find Bylaws and Association goals HERE

Board Meeting Minutes

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