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Manufactured Housing Production Decline Steepens

Affordable Housing Alarm Sounded by Manufactured Housing Producers Association in Latest Report (June 5, 2023. Decline is attributed to increasing impediments especially U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposed new “energy conservation” standards that will significantly increase the acquisition price of manufactured homes.

Manufactured Housing Production Decline Steepens as Manufactured Home Industry Impediments Multiply. Just-released statistics indicate that HUD Code manufacturers produced 6,676 new homes in April 2023, a 34.3% decline from the 10,165 new HUD Code homes produced in April 2022. Cumulative production for 2023 is now 27,850 homes, a 30% decrease from the 39,835 homes produced over the same period during 2022.

Existing impediments include unresolved discriminatory/exclusionary zoning and the absence of competitively-priced consumer financing for the vast bulk of the HUD Code manufactured housing market (nearly 80%) represented by personal property (chattel) financing.

More details and links are in the original MHARR press release.

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