What’s in a Name?

Cascade Park Estates Home Owners Association and operate as Cascade Park Estates/Village Residents Association

Those are the names of our organization as adopted as part of our Bylaws. There are several reasons for this.

In early organizing discussions we wanted to differentiate this new organization from both the previous HOA and the negative feelings many people have towards rule enforcing by HOA’s. Also we have none of the powers of the usual HOA which both owns the common grounds and is part of deed restrictions. Yet, we are homeowners and we need the old name in order to claim the funds being held by Umpqua Bank; they total $1,640.87.

Further the sign on the front gate reads Cascade Park Estates. Yet the ownership uses the name Cascade Park Village on the lot leases (and Cascade Park Estates on many documents). So confusion can not be avoided. This writer thought it best to cover all the bases to protect our rights under Washington law.

This web site most frequently uses Cascade Park Residents Association or The Park. Any ideas for something more cleaver or descriptive. 😊

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