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Rent Control Bill Gutted

According to this article in the Columbian, the Washington Senate Housing Committee, in executive session, changed SB 5961 from a 5% annual rent increase cap to 15%–with an option for local governments to require a lower percentage.

So now the politics become even more complicated. Support for the bill now means no effective control on rent increases and non-support means no bill at all.

According to the article focus is now on Vancouver (District 49) Senator, Annette Cleveland, who did not vote either way on the bill. Alerted to this our Association President, David Leathers, fired off this email:

Sen Cleveland

I’m the association President for Cascades Park, a 55+ manufactured home community (average age 75+) in Vancouver.   With 170 units, our park consists mostly of elderly retirees on fixed incomes.  In the past three years our space rents have increased by over 40%.  Over 250% in the last 5 years.  

Would you please advise on your support of a recent proposal to limit a 5% increase?  When we consider affordable housing we must consider the older population. Rising costs of living/rent on a fixed income are crippling our residents.  We need help.  I’m sure you’ve been reading in the Colombian about a similar park, East Woodlawn.  We are owned by the same company.  

Please help us and let us know we can count on your support for 5%.  

David Leathers

Resident Association President

Cascades Park

Anyone wishing to contact Senator Cleveland can find her contact information HERE. The Senator for our District is Senator Lynda Wilson. Profile here.

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