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AMHO Asks for Letters

President Anne Sadler of the Washington Association of Manufactured Home Owners is meeting with Governor Jay Inslee on September 26. She would like compelling letters describing how huge rent hikes are effecting our lives. We need to explain how we are different from apartments and even pay for the landscaping on the property we pay $1,100 a month for–not including water, sewer and garbage.

Legislators need to understand that we pay house taxes etc. as well, and that there is not enough accountability for the owners who do not care if homeowners are priced out of their homes. If elected officials are not with us, at this point, we figure they promote homelessness.

Please send your letters as soon as possible so Anne can carry them to her meeting with the Governor. Send them to If you can’t send before September 26, send later because the letters can be used by Representative Alex Ramel who is supportive of our cause.

Sharon Pevey, Space 138
AMHO Director

P.S. A short legislative session is next, so we need thousands of people to support us and be ready to put pressure on our representatives to work for us instead of adding amendments at the last minute so our bills do not go through. There are thousands of us, and we can do this!!

Further information about AMHO can be found on their website here

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