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Construction technology company Mighty Buildings is leveraging 3D printing and off-site prefabrication to build its quality, sustainable homes. With factories in Oakland and Monterrey, Mexico, and a material science lab in Istanbul, the company has been working for the past five years “to perfect its zero-waste production, kit-system design, and unique concrete-free formula” to create design-forward homes while reducing time, costs, and emissions.

“Our target markets are those that are most affected by climate change and require the resiliency, such as Texas, Florida, California, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Not only does our material look premium and different, but it also performs that way from a resilience standpoint,” says company spokesman. “From an 8.5 Richter scale earthquake to a Category 5 hurricane, the material strength is also that of a premium house, not a traditional kind of material.”

Details of construction materials and processes are in the Builder article. The one-story, 1,176-square-foot rectangular Quatro plan, showcased in the photos throughout this article, includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home is split among a public-facing great room; a utility core with the kitchen, bathrooms, and all mechanical equipment; and a private wing with the bedrooms.

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