October 1, 2023 Board Meeting

October 1, 2023

Called to Order at 1:30 P.M. by President David. All members* present plus Karin Shepherd.

Minutes of previous meeting were approved.

Established Agenda Items of: Swap Event
Holiday decorations
AMHO meeting and rent increase legislation
Secretary/Treasurer report
Neighbor to Neighbor contact

Discussion of water and sewer bills: how they are assessed and various experiences with billing from park management

Discussion of Facebook page; some people are having difficulty accessing page. David will follow-up on this.

Rent Increase: Ours specifically and legislation. David reported on AMHO meeting with Governor and proposed legislation for state rent control. He will draft letter in support of the bill and work with Cheryl for printing and mailing to all park residents for their support.

Discussion of our individual and association response to our 2024 rent increase and park’s violation of lease terms. Linda will follow up with investigating this subject.

Cheryl will investigate any senior aide programs that may be available to help those with difficulty paying rent.

Treasurer’s Report showing expenses of $214.54 and balance in bank of $1,426.33 was distributed and approved.

Michael reported on ownership of parcels surrounding park. Of interest is that the maintained grass areas on 1st street are same ownership as un-maintained land to south and west of park.

Michael will continue to investigate government requirements for park operation.

Discussion of park Swap/Walk About event: all had success and agreed it should be repeated.

Discussion of Halloween event: Linda will organize a pumpkin decorating event.

Discussion of Christmas event: Since park management is conducting a holiday decoration contest we should organize a viewing/caroling event. Cheryl will bring a proposal to next board meeting.

Discussion of neighbor to neighbor contact and “Project Neighbor Watch” discussed at our first board meeting. We have received only one request. Elaine has drafted a plan for dividing the park into mailbox areas and asking each space resident how they prefer to be contacted.

Comments that park management seem to be paying more attention to our resident needs even though they will not acknowledge our association.

Comments about various rodents, raccoons and other wild animals in park and nuisance of hazelnuts in yards and flower pots.

Comments about Monthly newsletter and community involvement with it.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, Oct. 29, 1:30 P.M. at Cheryl’s home, Space 150

Adjourned 3:30 P.M.

*Board Members: Margaret Fedje, Cheryl Good, Linda Huettl, David Leathers, Janet Mauldin, Elaine Meyers, Michael Shepherd

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