Board Minutes

August 20, 23    1:30 P.M.                             Attendance:  All except Elaine Meyers

                                                                                                 Plus Karin Shepherd, Chuck Mauldin

Contact of park mgmt. update: 

  1. Dear Point Meadows receptionist, Tanya has acknowledged receipt of our formal letter to owners.  Post Office receipt dated July 22, 23.
  2. She wrote on Aug.17 a detailed memo to Michelle Aspon about our repeated request to meet. 
  3. Cheryl Good had called 3 times and Michael called twice.

Discussion of surrounding fields tall, dry grass and fire on 162nd side.  Michael will assemble list of property owners on boundaries of park.

Discussion of prowler reports and Peggy’s emails about them. Consensus was that residents need to know and establishing record of incidents for police and park mgmt..

Linda has written a safety bulletin which will be printed and distributed door-to-door as well as posted to FB and the web site.

David reported on a resident seeking aid and put in contact with Cheryl

Michael reminded anyone with association expenses can be reimbursed.

Discussion of swap and sale event.  Keep it simple and improve for next one.  Linda will print flyer to be distributed with safety bulletin.  David will set up conference call before event to verify all is in order. Some board members will also provide refreshments such as lemonade 😊

Questions to wait further development include buying of park and home on space 144; newsletter email list; operation of gate; sign with map of space numbers.

Next meeting set for Sunday, Oct. 1, 1:30 P.M. at either Linda or Cheryl’s home.

Adjourned about 2:30 P.M.

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