January Board Meeting

Board Minutes Jan 20, 2024 1:30 P.M.

Attendance: Board Members: David Leathers, Linda Huettl, Michael Shepherd, Elaine Meyers, Margaret Fedje. Resident: Karin Shepherd

Meeting opened with discussion of snow removal within the park.

Minutes were approved as sent.

Report from three board members, David, Linda and Margaret, who attended Town Hall in Vancouver about rent stabilization legislation. HB 2114 has joined SB 5961 as being in their respective Housing committees. Local members who are Democrats are supporting the measure, but our representatives who are Republican have not voiced approval. Elaine has had correspondence with Rep. Kevin Waters about the bill. Consensus that we have to be prepared to react quickly to any movement with the bills.

David suggested we prepare an association newsletter about this and other issues and announcements. He and Linda will work together on a draft.

David recently contacted the Northwest Cooperative Development Center in Olympia, the NW branch of ROC-USA, which helps residents buy their parks, but has yet to receive a reply. He will follow-up with them about how to determine feasibility of a purchase in our case.

Linda, Margaret and Elaine reported about their recent canvassing experiences about SB 5961. Their feedback was mostly supportive. Jay Stoddard, Space 108, helped them.

Elaine has finalized the letter to residents about establishing contact information for the Neighbor Helping Neighbor project. It will either be sent out as part of a newsletter or wait until Spring. Michael will map out the 8 mailbox stacks and spaces assigned to each to make individual distribution easier. David suggested we ask for volunteers to help.

Discussion of process for selecting new Board Member. Individually we will solicit prospects and then hold interviews, if necessary.

Discussion of when and where to hold next park-wide, all resident meeting.

Adjourned about 2:30 P.M.

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